What is


Full-stack companies integrate multiple modes of technology — typically hardware, software, and data — to build solutions for large, complex problems.


Our Perspective

The future is shaped by people who show up. People who not only believe that the human capacity for curiosity and continuous improvement is limitless but who also channel that belief by striving to build companies capable of redefining entire industries. Sometimes, the world.

We work collaboratively with our founders because as anyone who’s ever built a company will tell you, it’s impossible to do it alone. Our team members have dreamed, developed, and delivered world-changing products from cradle to grave.

We have helped shape some of the world’s most exciting technology companies.

Eclipse provides founders with the full-stack expertise and operational discipline necessary to successfully build industry-redefining companies.

No Shortcuts

Our Values

We value discipline. In our founders and in ourselves. We have a unique and defined investment thesis that we pursue relentlessly — we know our strengths, and, more importantly, we’re aware of what we don’t know.

We’re dreamers, but we have our feet planted firmly on the ground because we must simultaneously embrace the potential of unimagined technologies while advocating for sound business metrics. Winning companies may look like they did everything right, but success is inevitably the result of countless decisions, awkward missteps, creative problem-solving, technical prowess, and the strength that comes as a result of overcoming multiple challenges.

There are no shortcuts, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We work with ambitious people who want to make a difference — with people who show up every day to make their mark on this changing world.


514 High Street, Suite 4, Palo Alto, CA 94301