Pierre Lamond

Pierre Lamond is a pioneer of the semiconductor industry. He started his career in 1957 as an engineer at Transitron Electronics before joining Dr. Gordon E. Moore’s R&D team at Fairchild Semiconductor. While at Fairchild, Pierre oversaw the development of advanced high-frequency transistors and the first generation of digital integrated circuits.

Pierre left Fairchild in 1967 to cofound the National Semiconductor Corporation (NSM), where he was vice president and general manager, Integrated Circuits. Following CEO roles at Coherent Radiation and Advent, Pierre returned to National Semiconductor in 1977 to assume the role of chief technology officer and VP, general manager of Advanced Products.

In 1981, Pierre joined Sequoia Capital as a general partner, where he played a pivotal role in the expansion of the semiconductor, systems, and software portfolios. While at Sequoia, Pierre was chairman of the board at Cypress Semiconductor (CY), Microchip Semiconductor, Vitesse Semiconductor, Open-Silicon Inc., Redback Networks, Verisity, and Plumtree. He was also a director at Mellanox Technologies and Xoom. Pierre ran, on a temporary basis, engineering departments at Cisco Systems (CSCO) and C-Cube.

Pierre spent three years as a general partner at Khosla Ventures, serving on the boards of Skybox Imaging (Google), Cogenra (SunPower), SEEO (Bosch), Avogy, SeaMicro (AMD), and HeartVista.