January 13, 2019

Eclipse Fund III

We’re thrilled to announce the closing of Eclipse Fund III, a $500-million dollar, early-stage venture capital fund dedicated to investing in full-stack companies.

Since starting Eclipse four years ago, the full-stack model is proving to be the optimal approach for disrupting legacy industries. Simply, full-stack, which vertically integrates multiple technologies into one solution, is the foundational layer upon which the next generation of world changing businesses will be built.

Today, many industries are at a crossroads. Growing and urbanizing global populations increasingly place pressure on existing systems and infrastructure. How will we build enough products to satisfy consumer demand when labor shortages cripple production capabilities? How will we safely and effectively house expanding populations in areas bound by geographic limitations? How will we decouple diagnostics from the doctor’s office to improve both clinical processes and patient outcomes? How will we expand access to mobility without collapsing already fragile transportation systems?  And once we have effective solutions to problems like these, how will we secure the underlying technologies to keep the users safe?

These are the things we think about every day. We have the privilege to work with tenacious, creative, and unbelievably smart entrepreneurs dedicated to solving complex problems in the physical world. These problems require interdisciplinary, integrated technology solutions – full-stack solutions. We started Eclipse to support these entrepreneurs and we’ve built a robust team, rich in operational experience to do just that.

But we’re not done. This new fund and the growing Eclipse network allow us to support the exciting community of full-stack companies working tirelessly to build the future.

January 13, 2019