May 20, 2019

Welcome Ben Einstein

I’m excited to share that Ben Einstein has joined Eclipse as our first entrepreneur-in-residence.

Ben and I met six years ago while we were both navigating the world of early-stage, full-stack start-ups. As first-time, founding GPs – him with Bolt and me with Lab IX, we often connected and shared experiences. Ben’s product design and engineering skills coupled with his investment instincts and overall emotional intelligence never failed to amaze me and, more importantly, the entrepreneurs he worked with. I remember thinking, “I’d love to work with this guy.” Now I get to.

Ben’s commitment to helping startups thrive is palpable. He is a quintessential builder who redefined the support mechanism for fledgling hardware companies. Under Ben’s leadership Bolt grew from a concept to an established seed-stage VC with an active portfolio of over 60 companies and an AUM of over $115M. It’s clear that he knows how to get companies off the ground.

At Eclipse, Ben will advise our existing companies on their product design and manufacturing strategies. Additionally, he’ll be out looking for new start-ups for us to partner with. If that wasn’t enough, Ben is also keen to return to his “builder roots,” and we’re excited to work with him on his next venture.

On a personal note, Ben is the quiet special forces operator that I recognize from the military: he has integrity, grit, humility and leadership. I’m excited for him to share those things with Eclipse and our portfolio.

Welcome to the family, Ben.

May 20, 2019