Rylan Hamilton, Jerome Dubois & Christopher Cacioppo


Logistics & Supply Chain

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Rylan Hamilton, Jerome Dubois, Christopher Cacioppo


Greg Reichow



6 River Systems

6 River Systems is a leading fulfillment solutions provider — striving to make warehouses faster with flexible, human-first and innovative products that deliver immediate value. Fulfillment can happen anywhere, and 6 River Systems' worldwide fulfillment services are building the technology powering the future of the industry.

Our solutions are developed with a wall-to-wall mindset — making the entire fulfillment workflow more streamlined from start to finish. To improve efficiency, optimize labor, and prioritize scalability, 6 River Systems creates a work environment that attracts, trains and retains warehouse associates, while powerful software enables supply chain directors and warehouse managers to quickly adapt to meet changes in demand. 

Founders Rylan Hamilton, Jerome Dubois, and Chris Cacioppo bring deep knowledge of robotics, software and fulfillment operations. With their first-hand encounters of the limitations of traditional warehouse automation, they saw an opportunity to make fulfillment faster, better and available to everyone at 6 River Systems.

Today, as part of Shopify, 6 River Systems is empowering operators and entrepreneurs to compete in a multi-channel world by providing flexible fulfillment solutions. Built on a shared vision to democratize fulfillment, 6 River Systems joined Shopify to bring together the best technology and operational efficiencies to companies of all sizes around the world. 

The 6 River Systems team is over 400 employees strong and growing. 6 River Systems’ solutions are operating in more than 100 facilities in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, fulfilling millions of units each week for companies, including Lockheed Martin, Crocs, Bodybuilding.com, DM Fulfillment Services, ACT Fulfillment, GXO Logistics, DHL and Office Depot.

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