Prem Gururajan

Co-founder & CEO

We built RideCo to help family members along with millions of people around the world overcome everyday transit challenges.

Transportation & Mobility

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Prem Gururajan


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RideCo was founded in 2014 by co-founders Prem Gururajan, Matthew Monteyne and Darren Maki. It partners with public transportation agencies, municipalities, and local fleet operators to design and operate on-demand transit services that alleviate travel pain points for riders — such as long wait times and lengthy walking distances — as well as for agencies — such as high costs per ride, low productivity, and declining ridership.

RideCo’s patented technology has powered more than 60 services in cities worldwide, including some of the largest transit systems in the United States and Canada — Los Angeles, Houston, Las Vegas, Calgary and San Antonio. The RideCo team is currently 80 strong and growing — driving transformation for an expanding number transit systems, making urban mobility more personal and sustainable.

Eclipse Carbon Optimization Framework

RideCo, which is redefining public transportation by partnering with municipal transport infrastructure and enabling dynamic routing, on-demand transit solutions, can reduce carbon emissions by 53% per passenger mile by shifting commuters from passenger cars to public transit, resulting in ~7 MMtCO2 in emissions reduction by 2040, assuming only 1% market penetration.

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