Na'ama Moran

Co-founder & CEO

We started Cheetah to provide a fair and honest e-commerce platform for restaurants who demand more transparency and efficiency from their suppliers and partners.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Founded Year



Na'ama Moran, Christopher Elliott, Alon Har-Tal, Vincent Matranga


Lior Susan


Cheetah is digital-native commerce platform for the buying and selling of wholesale food and restaurant supplies, which spans the entire value chain: from customer-acquisition, digital catalog, ordering and payments to warehouse operations, ML-powered demand forecast and inventory management, all the way to routing technology and food-safe last-mile logistics.

Founded in the heart of Silicon Valley, Cheetah is servicing more than 10% of all Bay Area independent restaurants and foodservice businesses. With Cheetah’s mobile app, wholesale food buyers can access a vast catalog of perishable and non-perishable products from a variety of local and national vendors. The catalog lets any foodservice operation order all of its supplies in one place, from fresh and dry foods to packaging and cleaning supplies.

Cheetah is an omni-channel fulfillment model; customers can order for next-day delivery or place a special order for just-in-time or drop-shipped delivery. Using the Cheetah app customers spend 5-10 minutes per day vs. 1-2 hours per day on managing their supply chain needs.

Eclipse Carbon Optimization Framework

Cheetah, which has created a distributor for locally grown food and a tech stack that dramatically increases the efficiency of foodservice delivery and inventory, reduces food supply chain emissions by 9.5%, resulting in 12 MMtCO2 in emissions reduction by 2040.

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