Rajan Goyal &
Anand Iyer


The fundamental shift in the shape of data and transition to domain-specific computing have changed the status quo that it is prime for disruption.

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Rajan Goyal, Anand Iyer


The fast enterprise uptake of Cloud Data Analytics and the end of Moore’s Law meant one important thing — the economics of data engineering and query-compute in the cloud was going to become untenable and seriously limit digital transformation.

DataPelago’s founders and the team came together to do what they have done for 20+ years — rethink the full data stack, from ingest to plan generation to query execution, to take advantage of the shift in the computing landscape in the cloud.

With strong early-pilot customer engagements, their interdisciplinary team has shown compelling performance and cost value-proposition on a variety of use cases and datasets, from engineering analytics on raw JSON records to intelligent scene extraction of autonomous vehicle sensor data.

DataPelago's vision is to enable enterprises of any size to easily extract insights from data in its native form, at highly attractive performance and price points.