Daniel Glozman, Joseph Nathan & Moshe Shoham


Millions globally suffer from preventable vision impairment and lack access to quality surgical eye care. We are redefining eye care in order to restore sight, worldwide.


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Daniel Glozman, Joseph Nathan, Moshe Shoham


Seth Winterroth

Forsight Robotics

Co-founded in 2020 by clinicians and surgical robotics’ pioneers Professor Moshe Shoham, Dr. Daniel Glozman, and Dr. Joseph Nathan, ForSight Robotics aims to bridge the worldwide gap in the accessibility to eye surgery and help over one billion people who suffer from preventable vision impairment and eye diseases.

Utilizing advanced computer visualization, machine learning, and microsurgical robotics, ForSight’s flagship robotic platform will transform ophthalmic procedures by standardizing surgeries, democratizing quality care, and providing a cost-effective solution to the global shortage of skilled eye surgeons.

ForSight’s initial ORYOM robotic platform will provide the first hybrid robotically-assisted surgical solution to the most widespread eye diseases.

ForSight’s mission is to improve lives by restoring sight, worldwide.

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