Henriette Fleischmann & Rachelle Villalon


Hosta a.i.’s mission is to empower businesses with fast, accessible, and trusted information about the build environment to accelerate and scale decision making.

Advanced Compute

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Henriette Fleischmann, Rachelle Villalon



Hosta a.i.

There are 155M building structures just in the U.S. Understanding the quality, make-up, risks, and conditions associated with those buildings is instrumental in insuring, loaning, selling, renting, or remodeling those structures.

Today, most of those building structures are assessed manually, standard practice is still pen and paper. Which creates slow, non-scalable processes. Rachelle Villalon and Henriette Fleischmann, the cofounders of Hosta a.i. are up to change that! With her deep knowledge in Computer Vision & Architecture, Rachelle has set the baseline for Hosta a.i.’s differentiated technology. Hosta a.i. is human-like spatial understanding paired with incredibly simple image capturing that only requires images (no sensors). With 15 years of financial services industry & IT management experience, Henriette owns the commercialization of Hosta a.i.’s deep tech product. With their first-hand encounters of the limitations of scale and access to talent sending experts onsite to assess a property, they saw a tremendous market opportunity to accelerate property assessment with fast and objective information from simple images provided by homeowners.

The Hosta a.i. team is over 20 employees strong and growing. Hosta a.i.’s solutions is currently utilized by 4 of the top Top 10 P&C insurance carriers in the U.S. and integrated with key data providers like Core Logic and Verisk.