Eli Karpilovski

CEO & Founder

We combine our very own software innovations in the networking connectivity and security field offering the entire model in software, so customers can create and provision any network topology in seconds and deliver critical apps and services faster and easier

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Eli Karpilovski


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InsidePacket® was founded in 2019 by industry veterans with experience in Hyperscale and Telecom worlds.

We witnessed first-hand the widening gap in terms of flexibility, scalability, pace of innovation, built-in security and user experience between cloud services on one end and networking infrastructure on the other. We believe that our unique collective know-how in the areas of networking, security, programmability, big data, and cloud services will allow us to take a fresh look at the problem and offer a fundamentally better solution built from the ground up.

InsidePacket breaks the boundaries dictated by an outdated infrastructure. With InsidePacket’s technology, Digital Infrastructure Providers can deliver advanced value-added networking and security services to their customers, with a variety of solutions spanning between hundreds of megabits to multiple terabits of low-latency traffic on virtual and physical platforms running commercial off-the-shelf hardware. Our customers enjoy exceptional end-to-end visibility, securely connecting and scaling workloads in seconds. Above all, they have the unconstrained freedom to constantly evolve, innovate, differentiate, and stay ahead of the competition.