Matt Van Horn &
Nikhil Bhogal


Eating out is expensive, and often unhealthy. We decided the best way to inspire people to cook at home is to make the best cooking tools in the world. Great tools can make all the difference.


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Matt Van Horn, Nikhil Bhogal


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June Life

June is a modern appliance company dedicated to bringing intelligence to the kitchen. The computer-controlled cooking system ensures food is cooked perfectly every time.

June was founded in 2013 by Matt Van Horn and Nikhil Bhogal, with a goal of evolving the modern kitchen. The team that brought the iPhone, the Fitbit, the GoPro, and Lyft to market introduced the first generation June Oven in 2016.

Now on its third generation, the June Oven replaces 12 kitchen appliances with one smart package.

June has become part of the iconic brand Weber Grills Inc., and is bringing the best culinary technology outdoors, globally.