Ronen Korman

Co-founder & CEO

There can be no science without good data. Datorios is the foundation of fast, cost effective, and user friendly data orchestration—ultimately, becoming the foundation of every data-driven company.

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Asaf Cohen, Ronen Korman


Lior Susan


Founders Ronen Korman, Asaf Cohen (Pizzer), Avi Hadad, and Idan Shchori bring their deep knowledge of data conversion with the development of their high-performance software created to turn data into value.

Using their first-hand experience in critical mission situations, they understood the challenges of turning nationwide data into actionable insights. By releasing bottlenecks found throughout data supply chain processes, they developed the solution to equip users with the higher quality data they required while greatly reducing the time and effort needed to achieve wanted results.

Founded in late 2020, Datorios and its 25 employees, deliver solutions to startups and industry 4.0 companies helping them leverage both data and data teams to reduce downtime, maintenance efforts, and overall data expenses, allowing companies to align more raw data to business questions.

Data and Data Science are the future of the industry. Whether in transportation, law enforcement, or medicine, “there will be NO Science without the quality, reliable data needed to keep up with market needs.” Datorios was created to guarantee data can be used as an enabler, and not a barrier, to domain prosperity.