Steve Tuck, Bryan Cantrill & Jessie Frazelle


We started Oxide to build the product that we always wanted; a rack scale computer with fully integrated software for the post-cloud generation.

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Steve Tuck, Bryan Cantrill & Jessie Frazelle


Seth Winterroth & Pierre Lamond


Oxide was founded in 2019 by hardware, software, and cloud veterans who understood that a new server-side computer was required for the cloud era – one that more closely resembled the kinds of systems run by the world’s largest cloud hyperscalers.

By combining rack-scale hardware innovations with deeply integrated cloud software, Oxide allows customers to leverage the benefits of cloud computing while preserving the cost structure and control of their own on-premises datacenter.

Since its founding, Oxide has brought this rack-scale vision to fruition, having developed a single system that integrates a busbar-based rack with a high speed cabled backplane, high performance compute sleds, purpose-built network switches, and all necessary firmware and software to deliver a turn-key cloud computing experience to the on-premises user.

The rack-scale foundation that Oxide has developed allows for some of the most vexing problems in on-premises information infrastructure to be meaningfully solved: from firmware security and attestation, to network observability and performance management through to holistic power management and optimization. These problems have festered because they demand an integrated hardware and software approach; by having built a new foundation for modern computing, Oxide is uniquely positioned to solve them – and to become the computer company for the post-cloud generation.