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Our mission is to revolutionize aviation technology with the goal of making every person on the planet a pilot while creating the safest mode of transportation ever.

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Mark Groden


Skyryse started in 2016 when founder Mark Groden saw a unique opportunity to bring technology that has lived for decades in commercial aviation downstream to the general aviation market–a market which has a drastically worse safety record. 

Skyryse is addressing this safety problem by developing a full stack, aircraft agnostic, hardware, and software product called FlightOS. FlightOS is a first-of-its-kind aircraft operating system that standardizes the cockpit and can be integrated into any type of general aviation aircraft. It allows for safe interoperability by pilots, increases operational efficiency, and enables continuous software improvements that can be pushed to general aviation aircraft, a first for the industry. 

Skyryse has seen significant demand for its solution. It has a backlog of orders across a variety of aircraft models and has partnered with some of the largest general aviation OEMs as well as large operators, who have committed to integrating their system into new production as well as retrofitting existing aircraft. As Skyryse brings FlightOS to the market, the most demanding mission profiles, such as EMS and military air operations will become safer and more reliable.