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Artem is a Principal on the Investment team. He focuses on early-stage opportunities and dedicates his time to working with portfolio companies to increase their odds of outlier outcomes.

At Eclipse, Artem allocates most of his time to AI applications and infrastructure (computer vision, natural language processing, robotics), data platforms, and B2B marketplaces across industries. Artem looks for founders with unique insights and a clear vision for converting these insights into highly differentiated products. He believes that generational companies evolve as an extension of founders' deep-rooted missions and unique backgrounds.

Prior to Eclipse, Artem led strategy and operations projects at Bain & Company in logistics, supply chain, and manufacturing across three continents and five countries. Through these diverse experiences, Artem developed a deep appreciation for the power of frameworks to navigate the complexity of technology and the business landscape. Artem believes that asking the right questions is often the key to groundbreaking solutions.

Artem earned a first-class honors BS in Economics and Finance from The University of London and an MBA / MS in Sustainable Design and Engineering from Stanford University. Artem also is a proud parent of a refugee cat whom he and his wife enjoy taking along on adventures.

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