Elena Harper

Head of Editorial

Meet Elena

Elena is the Head of Editorial at Eclipse. An ardent logophile, she has spent her career as a storyteller, using digital marketing as a platform to help brands, companies, and executives build compelling narratives.

Throughout her career, Elena has strived to bring a unique depth and perspective to every project or client with whom she has worked. Driven by her passion for digital marketing, social media, and creative content, she was instrumental in building marketing and communications strategies for some of Silicon Valley’s top companies and brands, including Intel, McAfee, and AT&T.

Before joining Eclipse, Elena co-founded a creative agency, Vantage Point SF, where she worked with various clients in industries ranging from sustainability and fashion to tech and travel. Elena’s multi-disciplinary background enabled her to create engaging content by way of video production, social media activations, live in-person events, and everything in between, helping clients achieve critical goals.

Elena attended the University of California, Santa Cruz, earning a B.A. in History of Art and Visual Culture. She is a self-taught painter and photographer; her photography has appeared in several local publications, including 7×7 and SFGate. In her free time, she enjoys boxing, reading, and exploring zoos and aquariums with her son.

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