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Dec 15, 2021



We wanted to take the time to highlight some of the most notable honors our portfolio companies were awarded in 2021

This year has been marked by continued uncertainty and upheaval of our consumer habits and supply-and-demand balance. The dynamic business landscape has been challenging for even the most successful corporations, let alone for startups that are earlier in their efforts to establish market traction and growth.

Some young companies, however, are building the kind of products and services that our essential industries need in these turbulent times: deeply technological, full-stack solutions that add resiliency and reliability to supply chains, that advance fields such as autonomy to address persistent labor shortages, and that provide 21st century infrastructure for healthcare and biopharma.

This speaks to Eclipse’s core thesis and the common thread across our portfolio, as we partner with companies that are driving digitization at the industrial level in sectors like manufacturing and logistics operations, energy storage, and semiconductors. But given the global scale, lethargy and complexity of these industries, moving them forward is no small feat — especially for a young company a fraction the size of the average incumbent.

However, despite the challenges to transform industrial industries in a normal year, our portfolio companies still managed to innovate and deliver in a year like 2021. We wanted to take the time to highlight some of the most notable honors our portfolio companies were awarded in 2021:




Co-Founder and CEO Fabian Gerlinghaus featured in Medicine Maker Power List 2021.

Cerebras Systems

Enovix Corp.




Swift Navigation


Tortuga Logic


Seeing these companies not just grow their business, but advance the very industries that drive world GDP — despite the prolonged pandemic — inspires us to keep thinking bigger and pushing harder to help exceptional founders build generational companies. The Industrial Evolution is a movement fueled by bold entrepreneurs and a shared mission to modernize entire sectors throughout our economy.

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