We’re Building the New Economy

Unlocking solutions to age-old physical industry problems through the intersection of bits and atoms

Moves Us

The world is at a critical inflection point. Our society has never been so technically advanced, yet so unprepared for the challenges we face. But where others see challenges, we see potential for opportunity.

The demand on physical industries now outweighs the capability of the infrastructure upon which they were built. We must harness the power of digitization to redefine physical industries across all sectors.

It’s time to build the new digital economy, one that’s characterized by precision, not waste; resiliency, not vulnerability; strength, not fragility.

At Eclipse, we see a future paved with innovation, growth, and the rapid improvement of both people’s lives and the planet we inhabit — an Industrial Evolution.

Essential industries and critical infrastructures are ripe for transformation. We want to work with founders who have the vision, grit, and determination to change our collective future.

Let’s get to work.


How We Invest

Eclipse backs talented entrepreneurs rebuilding the world’s physical industries. Our team of former operators has experience at all stages of company growth, from startup to IPO and beyond. While our investments typically span the stages from ideation to early growth, our knowledge and expertise allows us to think creatively and pursue ideas outside this mandate.


Venture Equity

Venture Equity gives founders the opportunity to partner with us from Day Zero and build new businesses from the ground up.

We provide patient capital to support executives and principal engineers at an inflection point in their careers looking to build solutions to some of the world's most important problems.
We’ve developed a playbook to rapidly validate, refine, and build new ventures in order to catalyze innovation and accelerate them to scale. Venture Equity provides support for idea generation, thesis development, and access to scientific and business expertise, investors, and our world-class network.


Early-Stage investing spans the journey from seed round to initial viability and early customer base.

Since Eclipse’s inception, we’ve invested in Early-Stage companies poised to potentially generate scalable value for physical industries. We partner with founders creating what we believe are industry-changing products, services, and experiences. Our Early-Stage team has the deep operational experience and technical expertise to provide investment, mentorship, and strategic, hands-on guidance, supporting entrepreneurs as they build their businesses from the early days through to viability and market fit.

Early Growth

The Early Growth team partners with startups with what we have evaluated to be a proven technological value proposition that are entering their go-to-market stage.

Early Growth partners with companies that have gone from Zero to One and are plotting a course to go from One to Ten. As a team of operators, we have built and scaled successful companies in physical industries and have the methodology, the domain expertise, and the connections to help promising startups aim to transition into high-performance, high-quality, generational companies that will shape the future.

Our Companies

The Industrial Evolution is a constellation of fearless founders and bold companies tirelessly working to reconstruct the analog infrastructure of the world around us

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Third Wave Automation is providing the most versatile and effective autonomous solutions for the materials handling industry.

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Reliable Robotics is making air transportation safer and more available with automated aviation.

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Wayve is reimagining autonomous mobility through embodied intelligence.

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Forge is building and powering the next generation of blue collar workers.

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A New Era Of
Essential Industries

Eclipse Carbon Optimization (ECO)

Quantifying Sustainability for Technologies Enabling the Industrial Evolution

We envision a world transformed by the Industrial Evolution and by innovative technology companies focused on digitizing physical infrastructure. With our ECO framework, we can analyze the future potential environmental value proposition of new technologies in the same way we assess the economic value proposition.


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