Our Perspective

The Distinction Between Technology and Non-Technology Companies is Over.

The innovations that fueled the online revolution are now disrupting the complex, physical industries critical to people’s lives and national economies. Digital transformation is inevitable.

We know this because we’ve lived this – on the inside. Eclipse Ventures is the product of decades of operating experience gained in the world’s most important industries. Our investment team was instrumental in defining and evolving the automotive, semiconductor, manufacturing, networking, materials, and communications industries. And we’ve contributed to many more.

Our Approach


Our Focus: We See Complexity As Opportunity

We like big, multi-faceted industries and we look for founders who think at an unprecedented scale. We like full-stack solutions because physical industries often need a combination of technologies to drive real change.


Our Style: We’re All In

We lead investments. We’re active board members and hands-on partners. We help and guide our founders on a variety of issues from operating best practices to fundraising strategy, and everything in between.


Our Superpower: It’s What We Know And Who We Know

Our team members have dreamed, developed and delivered world-changing products. We’ve run global manufacturing companies, world-class automotive automation departments, built start-ups from small apartments, scaled consumer companies, and raised significant amounts of capital from early-stage through IPO. We share our perspectives and networks with our founders.


Our Difference: We Venture Beyond Capital

Creativity is the hallmark of Eclipse. We’ve invested in many early-stage companies and we’ve been integral to the formation of several companies in our portfolio. Whether we’re investing, building, dreaming or doing, we’re committed to bringing big ideas to life.

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