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Funding Big Ideas: Incorporating Fundraising into Company Roadmaps

  • Mar 1, 2022
  • 1 min read

Fundraising can often be one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of scaling a company, especially for founders transforming physical industries. While much has been written about the key fundraising milestones SaaS, marketplace, and consumer companies must hit, there is a gap when it comes to understanding the milestones founders rebuilding physical industries must accomplish in order to attract interest from investors.

It’s important for these founders to understand how to navigate a pathway towards unlocking opportunities in the physical world in a capital efficient way. With the volatility of the public markets, the rapid pace of companies raising money at high valuations, and the insanely competitive market, chartering a clear path and understanding how to position these companies for success is more difficult than ever before.

On Thursday, March 3rd, SV Editor at TechCrunch and Founder of StrictlyVC, Connie Loizos will host a panel discussion with Alex Kendall, CEO of Wayve, and Eclipse Partner, Seth Winterroth, which will dive into how entrepreneurs transforming physical industries can incorporate fundraising into company roadmaps to help fund their big ideas. Attendees can expect a discussion involving:

  • Insights into how Alex forged a fundraising path for Wayve, resulting in a successful Series B round in January
  • Reflections on fundraising tactics and how they changed between various rounds
  • Milestones Wayve needed to hit to stay lean
  • Dispelling the myth that hardware companies are capital intensive
  • And much more!

This session will be interactive and questions before or during the event are welcome. Register here to dive into how to build a fundraising process that will enable you to control your own destiny involving big, expensive ideas.

Read more about Alex’s mission to bring AV2.0 to life via Wayve in our new Industrial Evolution Innovators Series

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