Mitch Lee &
Ryan Cook


Arc is addressing rampant marine pollution by producing fully electric boats at scale. Our goal is to leave nothing behind but a wake!

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Mitch Lee


Greg Reichow


Arc was founded in 2021 by Mitch Lee and Ryan Cook. Our vision is to electrify all waterborne vessels, and we’re starting with electric water sport boats.

An electric boat is superior to a gas boat in almost every way: not only is it way easier to maintain (the single biggest pain point of owning a gas boat) and a lot cheaper to operate (a day of use costs ~$10 compared to ~$100 for a gas boat), but it’s also quieter, faster, more stable, and cleaner, with no fumes or pollutants.

Battery tech is finally good enough to pull this off, but a truly performant electric boat also requires a strong, lightweight hull to accommodate the large battery.

With years of experience in aerospace manufacturing, we believe we can disrupt the gasoline boating industry through first principle engineering, innovative production techniques, and a scrappy start-up approach to problem solving.

Eclipse Carbon Optimization Framework

Arc, which has developed the first purpose-built electric boat designed to house a >200kwh battery pack, is replacing a fossil fuel alternative and will reduce the carbon intensity of the recreational boating industry by 91%, resulting in 31 MMtCO2e in emissions reduction by 2040.