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Ellie Cunningham


There is tremendous opportunity in reengineering traditional industries to cleaner, safer, and more profitable models and few in our industry seem to see the opportunity.

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Federico Negro, Ellie Cunningham

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CANOA was founded at the end of 2019 by Federico Negro and a team of industry veterans who saw an opportunity to reengineer wasteful 20th century processes for the design, procurement, and asset management of furniture in commercial real estate portfolios in order to reduce costs, streamline workflows, and help businesses drastically reduce waste.

CANOA is the first cPLM (circular product life cycle management software) designed for the industry, enabling its customers to transition from linear to circular consumers of furniture assets.

The company's mission is to make sustainable design more widely accessible through reuse. We are a team of designers, technologists, architects, data scientists, and engineers united by a mission to help businesses create vibrant and healthy environments that keep goods in the economy longer and drastically reduce waste.

CANOA is a circular marketplace for commercial furniture and modular systems that enables design and procurement teams to buy, sell, and track assets across their portfolio of physical spaces.

Eclipse Carbon Optimization Framework

Canoa, which allows companies to redesign their offices without the need for construction and eliminates the waste of office renovations by recycling and offering reusable furniture and designs, reduces carbon intensity of commercial real estate by ~27%, resulting in 11 MMtCO2e in emissions reduction by 2040.

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