Fabian Gerlinghaus & Omar Kurdi


We’re excited to accelerate access to personalized cures for cancer by providing the pharma industry with cost-efficient and scalable manufacturing technologies.


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Fabian Gerlinghaus, Omar Kurdi


Justin Butler


Founded in 2019, Cellares has assembled a world-class team that has created the Cell Shuttle — the first cell therapy manufacturing platform that combines end-to-end automation with high-throughput capacity.

This cost-efficient and scalable technology is resolving the cell therapy manufacturing bottleneck and enabling pharmaceutical companies to meet commercial scale patient demand, thus saving millions of lives.

Cell therapies have proven their potential to cure aggressive types of cancer where traditional treatment methods have failed. Today, these personalized drugs are manufactured using manual methods, which are expensive, prone to operator error, and impossible to scale. Patients who are eligible for FDA approved cell therapies are dying on waiting lists due to the inability of manufacturers to meet patient demand. With hundreds of companies developing thousands of cell therapies, the need for industrial scale manufacturing solutions will become increasingly critical.

Cellares scalable technology resolves this bottleneck and will be the de-facto standard for cell therapy manufacturing. The company is on a mission to enable access to these life-saving treatments for anyone in need.

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