Ian Arthurs

CEO, Founder

Global markets for sustainably sourced commodities like recycled plastic are surprisingly inefficient. Software can help.

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Ian Arthurs


Aidan Madigan-Curtis


Circular.co is leading the charge for a circular economy in plastics and beyond. The environmental benefits of circularity are profound: each pound of recycled plastic resin alone avoids 5lbs of CO2 emissions and helps prevent micro plastic leakage into our ecosystems.

Progress towards circularity has been slow however, with low recovery rates and poor liquidity. Our digital trading platform stimulates supply and demand by offering transparent economic incentives and efficient infrastructure to trade recycled plastic and other sustainable commodities easily. Circular.co offers solutions for manufacturers looking for reliable sources of quality recycled plastic and recyclers looking for new distribution channels. Our platform creates easy access to data, helps diversify supply chain partnerships and enables efficient online sourcing.

Founded in 2021 by marketplace tech and manufacturing veterans, the Circular.co platform offers tens of millions of pounds of recycled materials for contract every month across the world and is growing fast.