Geoff Tate

CEO, Co-Founder & Board Member

Customers need reconfigurable computing that is flexible and efficient and that operate within a power budget. Flex Logix provides 5-10x higher performance, using dozens of patented inventions, than they get today.

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Geoff Tate


Pierre Lamond

Flex Logix Technologies

Flex Logix® was founded in 2014 by UCLA PhD, Cheng Wang, and the former founding Rambus CEO and industry veteran, Geoff Tate. Wang and Tate saw a unique opportunity to give systems customers a solution for their biggest problem: getting more performance within their power/thermal budget.

With dozens of patented inventions and deep expertise, Flex Logix has developed AI Inference software, systems and silicon solutions for enterprise edge applications like robotics, medical imaging, gene sequencing, and dozens of other applications. Their solutions deliver 5-10x more performance per watt than the current industry leader, using the same process technology. This is important because their customers can’t dissipate more heat than what they currently use.

Flex Logix also provides volume FPGA users a way to keep their flexibility and performance while cutting cost and power 5-10x. This capability is also being integrated into numerous high volume semiconductor products to increase users’ flexibility, thus increasing their sales and life span.