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Adrian Macneil, Roman Shtylman


Seth Winterroth


Foxglove is the missing infrastructure layer for robotics.

The robotics industry is held back by a lack of off-the-shelf developer tools and infrastructure, leading companies to create bespoke in-house solutions to solve common problems. Foxglove is building the missing infrastructure stack for robotics to manage, visualize, and debug the huge amounts of data generated by robots during development and operations.

Foxglove was founded in 2021 by veterans of the autonomous vehicle industry, Adrian Macneil and Roman Shtylman, who noticed the wide gap between what is available to robotics startups today, versus state of the art in-house software at autonomous vehicle companies. Their platform is used by leading companies across a wide range of verticals, from autonomous vehicles, to warehouse and logistics, agriculture, and undersea exploration.

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