Brian Pepin

Founder & CEO

We improve clinical decision making and therapeutics development for people with neurodegenerative diseases through data.


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Brian Pepin


Justin Butler

Rune Labs

Rune Labs was founded in 2018 by CEO, Brian Pepin, with the goal of bringing precision medicine to neuroscience by making brain data useful at scale and providing better care for individuals. The company is starting with Parkinson’s Disease first.

StrivePD, Rune Labs’ care delivery ecosystem for Parkinson's disease, enabling patients and clinicians to better manage Parkinson's by providing access to curated dashboards, summarizing a range of patient data sources, and by connecting patients to clinical trials. The company received FDA clearance for StrivePD on Apple Watch to detect tremor and dyskinesia, common Parkinson’s symptoms.

Rune Labs is proud to have partnered with over 40 top clinical institutions, medical device companies, including Medtronic, and biopharma companies who leverage their technology by focusing on predictive outcomes, therapy optimization, clinical trials, and expediting developmental programs through real world datasets.

In the future, the company will continue to expand their reach in the Parkinson’s community and secure partnerships with additional clinical institutions and hospitals across the United States and world to increase access to StrivePD, appropriate clinical trials, and our future products. Rune Labs will also scale their expertise in other neurodegenerative diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis and Essential Tremor.