Tim Harris, Colin Beighley & Fergus Noble


At Swift Navigation our mission has been to bring precise positioning technology to the mass market. We are inspired to be helping build a future of safer autonomy and mobility.

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Tim Harris, Colin Beighley & Fergus Noble


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Swift Navigation

Since its founding in 2012, Swift’s founders—Fergus Noble, Colin Beighley and Tim Harris—have evolved the business from creating the industry’s first low-cost, high-accuracy, real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS receiver to delivering an ecosystem of GNSS positioning solutions for autonomous applications.

Swift’s precise positioning technology platform improves location accuracy from several meters to centimeter-level and is used by millions of devices across the globe. Swift’s technology is trusted by users across industries, enabling safer driving, improving efficiency for last-mile delivery and commercial transport operations, increasing accuracy for mobile devices, and creating new possibilities for rail, robotics, and machine control.

Swift is on a mission to build a safer and more efficient future by changing the way we navigate and understand every centimeter of our planet.