Ljubisa Bajic, Ivan Hamer, Milos Trajkovic & Jim Keller


Tenstorrent is a next-generation computing company with the mission of addressing the rapidly growing compute demands for software 2.0.

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Ljubisa Bajic, Ivan Hamer, Milos Trajkovic & Jim Keller


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Founded in 2016 by Ljubisa Bajic, Ivan Hammer and Milos Trajkovic, Tenstorrent's mission is to move AI forward.  The company was born from the recognition that major changes needed to be made to how our industry approaches both hardware and software to achieve advances in machine learning. 

With that aim, we designed hardware for maximum efficiency, using a modular design and high speed NoC, optimized for graph models. We also recognized the need to enable external development so we are creating an open source software stack for communal development.

Tenstorrent is focusing on industry-leading AI/ML accelerators, high-performing RISC V-CPUs, and continuing to develop an open source combination of hardware and software to provide maximum impact to our customers. Looking to the future, we are developing our wormhole and blackhole chips as an expansion to our suite of next-generation computers addressing the compute demands for software 2.0.

Eclipse Carbon Optimization Framework

Tenstorrent, which is developing purpose-built silicon designed to accelerate artificial intelligence processes and enables superior processing and energy efficiency, reduces carbon intensity of compute by ~25%, resulting in ~10 MMtCO2e in emissions reduction by 2040.