Andreas Kuehlmann

CEO & Executive Chair

Semiconductor security vulnerabilities can have disastrous consequences to critical infrastructure, electronics, and systems. Cycuity helps our customers mitigate this risk.

Defense & Security

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Andreas Kuehlmann


Justin Butler


Cycuity helps product security “shift left” by addressing semiconductor hardware vulnerabilities and proactively mitigating risk before silicon chips have been manufactured and embedded into electronic products.

The company was founded in 2013 by pioneers in the field of hardware security, Jason Oberg and Jonathan Valamehr, who saw the need to secure the chips that make up the foundation of all computing systems while pursuing their PhD studies. 

As the complexity of electronic products grows, so does the need to thoroughly verify hardware security and demonstrate compliance. Cycuity helps its customers, which include defense programs, and leading manufacturers of semiconductors, electronics, and vehicles, confidently identify and address security weaknesses in the early stages of the development lifecycle.

Cycuity’s mission to help make the world a safer place with innovative solutions that give businesses the power to ensure product security will continue to be driven by and responsive to emerging cybersecurity standards and regulations.