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Aidan is a Partner at Eclipse and leads Eclipse Venture Equity, the opportunity for founders who intend to start a business to partner with Eclipse from day zero. A former executive and experienced operator, Aidan is passionate about working with founders and CEOs driven to push the boundaries of the digital-physical frontier.

Throughout her career, Aidan has built businesses that utilize cutting-edge techniques in computer vision for workplace safety and security, paired minds with the world’s pre-eminent experts in sensor, mobile, and wearable device manufacturing to bring new innovative manufacturing practices to market, and scaled cellular, cloud, support, and 3PL operations and infrastructure for millions of IoT connected devices. Prior to Eclipse, Aidan scaled Samsara (NYSE “IOT”) from 20 to almost 2000 employees and ramped the very first AppleWatch from zero to millions of units per week. Aidan knows what it takes to launch and grow full-stack technologies.

While Aidan loves bringing new technologies to market, she is equally — if not more — passionate about providing access to capital and leadership roles for underrepresented groups across a diverse spectrum of talent. She was a founding member of Samsara’s DEI committee and co-founded and led Samsara’s PRIDE employee resource group to a 300+ membership scale.

Aidan has an undergraduate degree in economics from Harvard University and an MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. Outside of work, Aidan loves trail running and is the co-founder of a production company for LGBTQ content.

A big part of the early days of building a company is having someone in the trenches with you. Aidan was my partner in those early days, helping me weather the first chapter of building Gravity.

Founder and CEO, Gravity

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