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Charly is a Partner at Eclipse and is passionate about solving technical problems that have a potential for wide-reaching positive impact.

An engineer at heart, he spent his career building and leading world-class engineering teams involved in the design and launch of large-scale manufacturing facilities at companies like Tesla and Rivian. Charly believes that the solutions to many industrial and infrastructure problems lie at the intersection of bits and atoms. He strongly believes that technology is the key to unlocking efficient and responsible scaling of physical industries.

Prior to joining Eclipse, Charly built and led the Manufacturing Engineering, Construction Engineering, and Capital Procurement teams at Rivian, where they designed and launched manufacturing lines for three different vehicles at an unprecedented speed. Before Rivian, he was at Cloud Kitchens, where he built and led Hardware Engineering and Construction industrialization. His realization of the opportunities to be found at the intersection of bits and atoms began at Tesla, where he built and led a variety of Manufacturing Engineering teams that were solving traditional manufacturing problems at unprecedented depth, speed, and scale. Charly started his career in automotive at Toyota. He later joined Nissan, where he worked in the US and Japan, launching manufacturing lines for a variety of vehicles.

Charly started his engineering education in Kenya where he studied Civil Engineering and then transferred to the US, where he graduated with a BSc in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Tennessee State University.

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