Jannelle Matlock

Business Operations Manager

Meet Jannelle

Jannelle leads investment operations at Eclipse. She is fascinated by the life-cycle of an idea – from inception to creation.

At Eclipse, she continuously works to improve processes around deal flow and pipeline management, network engagement, portfolio support, and all other day-to-day operations. She manages Eclipse’s CRM, internal productivity and collaboration tools, while also providing administrative support to the team.

Prior to joining Eclipse, she worked as an account executive for Oracle, managing emerging technology companies. It was at Oracle where her passion for partnering with early-stage startups to change the trajectory of physical industries started.

Jannelle graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a bachelor’s degree in economics and a concentration in marketing. In her free time, Jannelle enjoys hiking, exploring San Francisco, and weekend trips to Lake Tahoe.

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