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Lior is an investor, entrepreneur, and the Founder and Managing Partner of Eclipse Ventures. He is passionate about building groundbreaking technology companies.

He’s an unlikely venture capitalist. Lior grew up on a kibbutz (ask him about banana farming) and spent many years in the Special Forces of the Israeli military. After he’d completed his military service, he did what he so often does – set out to solve a big problem. In 2008, Lior joined his brother to help build Intucell, a pioneer in the software-defined networking space for global telecommunications networks. After four years, Cisco acquired the company.

Following the acquisition, Lior joined Flex, a multinational manufacturing leader, where he led the hardware investment platform, Lab IX. During his time at Flex, Lior was immersed in many “old-line,” physical industries. He witnessed firsthand the headwinds these sectors were facing, in addition to inefficiencies and eroding of competitive advantage these negative forces were causing.

Lior became convinced that digital transformation would strengthen physical industries and support both economic and national security. As a result, in late 2014, Lior began to build Eclipse – a venture capital firm dedicated to partnering with entrepreneurs rearchitecting the industries that are critical to people’s lives and national economies. He firmly believes that the distinction between technology and non-technology companies is over and seeks to partner with ambitious founders who are dedicated to vastly improving critical infrastructure in all forms.

And – perhaps as a nod to his roots in the kibbutz – in addition to his desire to drive exemplary returns to Eclipse’s Limited Partners, Lior seeks to invest in solutions that deliver greater opportunities for people and far better prospects for our planet.

Lior currently works with Bright Machines, Augury, Owlet, Forge, and other companies pursuing big ideas. As a board member, he has helped companies move from zero to one, and from pitch deck to public offering.

A relentless optimist with a passion for company building, Lior believes that the world needs a new economy – and wants to help the best entrepreneurs build it.

The Eclipse partnership — specifically Lior’s guidance and unwavering support through the ups and downs of building Augury — has played a monumental role in our growth.

Co-Founder and CEO, Augury

Saar Yoskovitz

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