Seth Winterroth


Seth is a Partner at Eclipse and is a firm believer that the opportunity for entrepreneurs to build differentiated companies that will drive bold and sweeping changes is now.

He began his career at General Electric, where he helped develop and implement a variety of robotics, 3D printing, and IoT solutions. At GE, he saw first-hand how these technologies could improve operations dramatically — in some cases, evolve business models entirely. This experience informed his perspective that the coming decades would bring about a new generation of data-driven machine intelligence that will dramatically shift how entire industries operate.

Armed with the belief that the companies set to define this new age were yet to be created, Seth left GE to join Eclipse to build a venture capital firm focused on partnering with founders forging towards the Industrial Evolution. At Eclipse, Seth partners with founders and entrepreneurs to build enduring, highly differentiated businesses at the pre-product stage.

Over the years, he has continued to invest in companies building transformative solutions for the manufacturing, supply chain, transportation, and healthcare industries.

Seth is a proud graduate of Claremont McKenna College. He spends his free time enjoying the beautiful NorCal outdoors with his wife.

I appreciate Seth’s passion and the way he doubles down with mission-driven conviction. Every conversation I have with him is immediately valuable in the form of actionable ideas to drive our business forward.

Co-Founder and CEO, Wayve

Alex Kendall

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